Themes of dysfunctional brilliance and maternal sexual abuse make The Draftsman unlike any other book on the market. The Draftsman is an original and compelling début, truly unlike any other.

Burwash, East Sussex 6th April, 2021 ­– Plenty of novels deal with sexual abuse, but Martin Cox’s story examines its origin and its legacy. As Martin Cox starts dealing with the emotional and physical damage inflicted by a mother on her child, the reader travels with him. As his story progresses, the reader shares Martin’s emotional and personal growth as he slowly comes to understand who he is and why.

Author Laurel Lindström says: Martin Cox took this story in a completely unexpected direction. What started as a story about a flawed piece of engineering and a long-forgotten mystery, turned into a tale of place and landscape, history and individual identity. I was just along for the ride, to get him onto the page.” 

Laurel Lindström, aka Laurel Brunner, lives in East Sussex. She has had a long and successful career as a trade journalist specialising in printing and publishing technologies. Her background as a technology writer and consultant is ever-present in The Draftsman and her protagonist’s genius. Laurel Lindström grew up in London, New York and Heidelberg. She then worked and studied in California for many years, where she completed a degree in Linguistics and English Literature at UCLA. During those years Laurel played an active role in the nascent desktop computing and desktop publishing industries, testing Apple, Adobe and Microsoft technologies.

The Draftsman, published by Unbound, is Laurel Lindström’s first novel and was originally conceived as the first of two books. Further details about this author can be found at and



Review copies of The Draftsman are available from the publisher: and the author is available via Zoom for interviews or further discussion:

Published by Laurel Lindström

Laurel Brunner has had a long and rewarding career as a technical writer and journalist. Now with her first novel, the Draftsman due for publication by Unbound in 2020 she is metamorphosing into an author under her real name, Laurel Lindström

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