Published work

The Draftsman was finally published by Unbound in April 2021 with great reviews. It is available through most well stocked book distributors.

You can actually listen to Laurel reading from it on her YouTube channel here.

Other work

Short story published in the DEKALB Literary Arts Journal in 1983, under my maiden name Laurel Bowden. It’s in the blog section.


Internet for beginners: Published in 1997, and according to recent reviews still mostly relevant .

past – print – future published in 2018

This project isn’t exactly a piece of creative writing, in fact it isn’t fiction at all.
But if you want to understand more about the origins of modern digital printing, you might enjoy this. Thanks to Ed Boogaard and Xeikon for a wonderful project. If you want a copy of the book Xeikon will send it to you for free.

undefined Three Bees – a series of short stories, originally written for supporters of my first novel “The Draftsman”.

Read more of the Bee stories under the tab “The Three Bees stories

If you want to read even more of my stuff do a search on Laurel Brunner. Google will give you over 1.5 million possibilities, if not probabilities.