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Stepping towards something else

Laurel is a successful technical writer with a worldwide reputation. Writing has shaped her career over the last 35 years, and Laurel’s view remains ever forwards, ever broader and ever wider. Laurel Lindström’s taking steps in a different direction, telling different stories, while holding very tight to Laurel Brunner’s clammy ink stained hand.

Laurel’s first novel “The Draftsman” was published by Unbound in April 2021. You can buy from most well stocked book distributors or from Barnett’s of Wadhurst: https://www.barnettsbooks.com.

This site showcases Laurel’s fiction, shares story ideas and samples, and blogs.
Thanks to Paul for building it for her and for so much more.

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Calm in the chaos

According to the scientists, chaos is a thing of mathematical purity, a creature of shape and form. But some shapes and forms defy consistency and pattern: defiance is a pattern maybe. Some shapes and forms are too complicated to recognise and prefer to roam in dense dark clouds across one’s perception. Daily life can feel…

The Sheep & the Grey Horse: It was a wedding – part 1 of 2

Together and after much protracted and digressive discussion, Hotpot and the Grey Horse eventually worked out what magic had happened and not happened on the day of the wedding. They knew that the day had begun in darkness, even though it was July. They remembered that from carbon skies a slate grey rain was falling…

A prison visit

The women were gathered around the steps in the creeping cold of a November Saturday, waiting for a heavy black door to open. The shadowed air was damp and clinging. False lashes were wilting, tight blonde pony tails were limp. A handful of long black spirals, laquered and permed had lost their spring. Only the…